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The 100% Club is a multi-sector alliance dedicated to gender equality.

Founded by Deborah Gilshan in October 2011, The 100% Club’s purpose is to:

• value the distinctiveness that women bring to the workplace and harness that distinctiveness to drive sustainable corporate cultures that respect diversity in all its forms
• empower the female talent pipeline
• promote the power of networking for career advancement & personal development
• demonstrate the value of a gender network as a powerful force for change.

Deborah is a vocal advocate of gender equality and the global economic opportunity it represents. She has been recognised for her work on diversity and empowering the female talent pipeline, both as an institutional investor and through The 100% Club.

Advisory Services

Deborah provides independent, strategic advice on investment stewardship, corporate governance, sustainable finance and diversity. She has extensive experience engaging with board directors, senior leaders, regulators and investors gained through a career spanning two decades in global institutional investment.

Deborah shares her experience of founding The 100% Club with organisations seeking to leverage the value of gender networks to further diversity and drive cultural change in the workplace as access to networks is a recognised barrier to female advancement.

The choice of a common stock is a single act; its ownership is a continuing process. Certainly, there is just as much reason to exercise care and judgement in being as in becoming a stockholder.


The 100% Club gatherings provide a collective forum for women to gather, collaborate and empower each other. The events are an eclectic mix of social gatherings and seminars with speakers who provide distinct voices in the diversity debate. Members value the opportunity for education, access to role models, networking, mentoring and support that membership provides.

Networks … empower people – and the least empowered economically are women.




The 100% Club